Tips to Create Your Own Free Genealogy Site

The internet is such a vast resource of important and needed information. It has a lot of uses that many individuals find very useful in their everyday life. Now, even genealogy has a place in this great and infinite resource.

Genealogy research involves extensive research and verifications. For those who are clueless about what genealogy is, it is the study of a family tree or family trees. If you’re interested in knowing your past and want to know how your life ended the way it is now, then you’d better come up with your own genealogy tree or family tree.

Once you find out several generations included in your family tree, then perhaps you might want to share it with the whole world for free. Yes, that is truly possible. This can happen if you create your very own free genealogy site. But how will you do it?

Even if you haven’t completed your family tree, and is still looking for some pieces of the puzzle, having your own genealogy site is such an advantage. This can generate interest that can lead you to discovering new information. The software programs offered for genealogy research are much better now because they provide this special opportunity to the people. By submitting alternately your GEDCOM file to the many genealogy sites, you can have your history and name present on the web for all people to see. There are other alternatives in store for you like using a hosting service. You can make your very own site at Yahoo GeoCities and other hosting websites. If you’re a first time user, you may find it quite difficult to opt for this alternative because they have a lot of restrictions.

So you are left with the only alternative of creating, developing, and publishing your personalized genealogy site. This involves purchasing your domain name, as well as web hosting. You can use HTML editors that offer free service or you can use your own HTML editor like that of Microsoft’s FrontPage.

If you opt for the last alternative, then you can make use of these tips:

1. Your web page must contain a title that is catchy and easy to remember. This is a very critical decision that your family should decide together.

2. Your header, or first paragraph, must contain all the surnames of principal families that were researched. Try to incorporate certain words like family tree, ancestors, family history, and genealogy.

3. Search engines and visitors look for content quality, especially on your home page. It would be best to compose several paragraphs about your family history, and don’t forget to provide links to detailed pages. Try to limit the pictures contained on your home page; instead, provide links to other family photographs.

4. Make sure that your site has a good navigation system, like text links and navigation buttons.

5. Meta tags are very important because it improves your tanking in search engines.

6. To improve traffic in your site, be sure to provide other genealogy sites. Links are very essential.

7. Prominently display your email address so that you can be contacted easily.

Following the tips mentioned above can help you in coming up with a good and free genealogy site that your entire family can be proud of.