Is There Really a Free ISP for Your Internet Access?

Yes, there is such a thing as a free ISP or internet service provider. An internet service provider is a company that provides internet access, usually for a nominal fee. However, you might be surprised to find that there are Free ISPs. If you are wondering if I am referring to the discs you receive in the mail that offer you free internet for 30 days, think again. The ISPs I am talking about are not offering just a free trial.

So, how are these ISPs able to offer free internet access? The answer to that will not come as a surprise. In fact, advertising is the funding source behind many free products. For instance, you can find many sites offering free MP3 downloads. However, just like the free ISPs, these sites come with a great number of pop-up advertisements. In fact, these pop-ups can be so numerous on free internet connections offered by these ISPs that it can become a real nuisance. It may even stall your computer and make it difficult and frustrating to surf the net.

Additionally, these free ISPs may not offer internet, or free internet, in your area. If there is not a dialup number in your area, you may have to go without. These ISPs may also limit the amount of time you can spend surfing the net. The amount of features that commercial ISPs include may be lost when going with a free ISP. Most ISPs that charge for their services are constantly coming up with new features. This is not the case with ISPs that offer free internet services. Free ISPs may also provide a poor quality connection with more interruptions than commercial ISPs.

If you are looking for an ISP that is a step up from the free ISPs, the answer might be right in front of you. You see, a lot of ISPs that offer free internet services also have a premium package available for a low cost. In fact, offering free internet access can be a way for these ISPs to attract customers. Once a customer sees that they enjoy using the ISP, they may decide to purchase unlimited access from them rather than their competitors.

Before accepting the terms and conditions of your ISP, always be sure you have read and understand everything. When you are agreeing to free internet access you want to make especially sure that your ISP is truly offering the free internet access you think they are. You also want to make sure you know how much your internet time is limited to if that is the case. You also want to look for any additional charges or long distance charges that may apply for your ISP.