Dieting Your Way to Better Health: A Paleo Guide

Paleo is a term that was derived from the Paleolithic period. It is an eating lifestyle pattern where people eat only raw and unprocessed foods. It is based on food derived from animals, plants, and fungi. It has evolved in America and other countries to a point where most of the population is eating this way.

This eating style is now popular in North America, Europe, and Australia. The term was originally coined in the mid-1970s by the nutritionist Marion Nestle. She wrote a book on “skeptic” diets and became an advocate for a raw food diet. Today, this eating pattern has reached the level of “belief” by many who are following it.

What exactly is Paleo eating? Paleo is basically a diet that encourages the consumption of foods from the animal kingdom. These include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, and nuts. It is made up of vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes. Some groups have recipes where you can add beans to the daily diet.

Paleo is in essence a diet that only allows the consumption of raw or cooked foods. That means no fruits and vegetables boiled in water or added to sauces.

The eating pattern is based on the food that is relatively unprocessed. It follows the old method of gathering raw materials and preserving them. Pre-consumer foods, such as berries, mushrooms, roots, leaves, seeds, and nuts are all part of the eating pattern.

Certain foods are allowed under Paleo such as rice, beans, oats, cereals, grains, and potatoes. This is because they are digested easily and are not available in large quantities in the grocery stores. They can be used to replace rice, flour, and cereal as part of your eating pattern. The eating pattern requires you to eat all-natural foods. It encourages the reduction of sugar, processed, and refined foods. Processed and refined foods include things like bread, cakes, dough, puddings, cookies, and confectioneries. Also, foods that are fried, salted, and high in salt are not allowed as part of the eating plan.

Cooking food traditionally is not encouraged. Rather, the eating patterns encourage using ingredients in their natural form as they were created. Don’t put your eggs in a pan with oil and butter, put your eggs in a pan with water. Things of this nature should be taken lightly.

Specific foods are allowed such as seafood, chicken, and dairy products. These should be part of your diet in moderation. However, if you love these foods, they are fine.

Eating the way Paleo implies does not mean you can’t have a diet. There are several healthy eating plans out there today that include raw foods in them. You can do this easily.

There are also numerous books on the market about how to cook with fresh foods and also how to remove sugar from foods. If you really want to try Paleo, go with the following guidelines. Start by making sure you get raw foods that you eat the whole foods and eat with great care. Take care of eating and be careful about the foods you eat and remember that nothing is off-limits.