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Aromatherapy 101: 3 Amazing Uses, Facts and Health Benefits

Turns out those ancient healers who use essential oils are right modern research shows the right fragrances can have mega
multiple benefits aromatherapy making your life come up roses on the to-do list aromatherapy is more than just a
bunch of nice smelling potions in a bottle dr. rena Szabo tells us three
scientifically proven ways aromatherapy through essential oils can benefit your life for starters it can improve your
sleep we have a recipe in our bodies that tells our bodies to go to sleep and when that gets disrupted with racing
thoughts what the aroma does is it send a message to the brain to tell the body what to do to get prepared to go to
sleep dr. Szabo says using a diffuser to burn essential oils you may not have heard of
before like neroli marjoram and Roman chamomile should be a part of your bedtime routine throughout the night and
then what happens in your body is that your temperature starts to go down your heart rate starts to go down your
hormones start to move in the direction towards sleep next up aromatherapy can reduce stress and anxiety I get the
sleep part but I don't want to fall asleep while I'm driving in traffic is there anything that can calm me down so
there are oils that can calm you down and not sedate you cedar wood or sandalwood or even ylang ylang and one
of the things that those types of aromas can do is to just soothe that part of the brain therefore the brain decreases
the heart rate in order to calm the system using a full sized diffuser in your car may not be practical but there
are portable diffusers that plug into your car's 12-volt auxiliary ports if you work in an office you can use a USB
flash drive sized diffuser that plugs into your computer another way is just to take a cotton ball put it in a glass
jar and leave it on your desk covered and then when you need to go ahead and use it
you can breathe through that our third way aromatherapy can benefit your life if you're feeling blue it can
improve your mood I tend to move toward any of the citrus oils to improve your mood flying essential oil lemon
essential oil as far as more energy or focus or motivation oftentimes I'll suggest a peppermint or a eucalyptus or
even a rosemary dr. Sabo says that since putting these essential oils directly on your skin might cause an irritation
using a diffuser is always the best way to take advantage of the power of aromatherapy wondering which essential
oil you need find the perfect scent for you by taking our tests at the list
that's our sensational take on aromatherapy on the to do list [Music]

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